Area Rug Pad

What Area Rug Pads Do

Area rug pads are your solution for the rugs in your home that bunch up or slide around with the slightest touch. Rug pads are designed to hold your rug in place. They also pad the space between your rug and your floors, so heavy furniture and falling objects are less likely to scratch. The pad is also cushioned to soften the rug, adding an extra layer of comfort. The thicker the cushion on your rug pad, the more comfort and protection you gain.

General Rug Pads

General rug pads are made from a slip-resistant webbed material and largely prevent your rug from sliding out from underneath you when you step on it. You can order a roll and cut it to size or order a pre-cut pad in the specific size you need.

Premium Rug Pads

These premium felt or polyester-blend pads are coated to help them stick to the floor, offering extra protection against movement. They also help to prevent scratches under the rug and are best for adding comfortable padding.