Carpet Care & Maintenance

Daily Carpet Care & Maintenance

Protecting your new carpets starts with investing in doormats and placing them at entryways so dirt and grime don't track onto your carpet and damage the fibers. It also helps to ask visitors to remove outdoor shoes before walking across your carpet. The more dirt gets in your carpet, the more damage is done, so these small changes are doing a lot to protect your carpet.

A regular care routine will keep your carpets healthier longer. Twice-weekly vacuuming your carpet using a manufacturer-approved appliance, however you may want to vacuum more frequently if your carpet gets heavy traffic.

Dealing With Carpet Stains

Don't panic over every spill on the carpet. Most of the carpets we sell have built-in technology that helps them resist stains, and manufacturer-approved cleaners can remove stains before they set. Just remember to blot the spill with a cloth, never wipe.

For a longer-lasting clean, give your carpets an occasional deep clean, especially those in high-traffic areas. A professional cleaning service can handle the job without a problem, or you can shampoo the carpets yourself with a manufacturer approved product. Once or twice a year should be frequent enough for any deep cleaning.

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